Musings for Aspiring Scribes

My dear editor and friend, Donna K. Wallace, told me one day that I needed to start a blog, so I had one up and running by the end of the day. Lately, I’ve been approached by people in the Rainy Dais Community who have expressed interest in starting their own blogs, and they’ve asked for my expertise in this area. God bless these deluded souls who believe that I have expertise. I don’t. I am about as technically adept as a kangaroo driving a car—just ask my 24-year-old son. However, I managed to do it, and so can you. If you have half the aptitude that I have, here is what I would suggest if you would like to start a blog:

  • Decide what you’d like to blog about. Sure, there are people (like me) who blog about everything and anything, but it’s best to at least have a theme or brand (which I do—HOPE!). This way, you can hook up with like-minded souls who will check in with you periodically. Some suggestions: gardening, cooking, parenting, writing, chess, motocross, rock bands, surfing, travel, investing, fishing, or fashion. You get it… what’s your passion? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that is sustainable—that it is a topic you could write about for months because that’s the whole point.
  • Decide how often you want to post articles and carve out a regular time when you will be writing. You might be tempted to write a post whenever you’re inspired and post it, which is fine if you are doing something like chronicling the goings-on of your family simply as a diary of sorts for future generations. I think that’s a very worthy endeavor, in fact. But if you want to contribute to a specific arena and wish to be heard, you will want to post regularly and connect with others who write about the same thing. I post SATURDAISIES once a week like clockwork. Those who follow my blog can count on an email notification every Saturday. Consistency is key.
  • To start, choose a site that offers free and simple templates that are very user-friendly. Blogspot and Weebly are two that I started with, and they served me well. Since then I’ve upgraded to WordPress, but because of my complete lack of teckie-mojo, I have to have help. (Have you seen my website? You think I built that thing? Noooo…my website has a baby-daddy, Warren Maxfield. He’s amazing.)
  • Write away right away. You have a voice—start using it. Announce your new child to your friends and family on social media. It may seem as if it’s slow-going at first, but remember: professional writers are just amateurs who never ever quit. Hang in there. You’ll eventually reach your tipping point and, instead of feeling as if you’re lugging a rock up a hill, you’ll feel like you’re chasing that rock down the hill! And what a great problem to have.

HeadshotDaisy writes every Saturday on her blog, She is also the founder and editor of RAIN Magazine, a magazine that both promotes up-and-coming authors and raises funds for select charities.

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