I’ve been writing for too long without a goal. I’ve been wasting my time, dreaming about writing something important but never following through. Too concerned with what others might think of my words, I’ve been keeping them to myself; worried that they are trivial and pathetic. I mean, what could I really say that would change the world?

Brandon Vacation

Family on vacation

But one day I woke up. I realized that these words, this pen and paper have the ability to change my world. And if, in writing, I can change, there might be a possibility that someone would read my words and find a connection. I have to wonder, are you reading these words right now, feeling the same way?

Well then, let me introduce myself. My name is Brandon, and I am a writer.

I was told I was born in Colorado, several years ago. I was told that there were doctors and nurses that made a fuss over my birth but I don’t know any of this for certain. I don’t have any memories of a beginning so I do as we all must; I simply take my parents’ word for it. I guess you could say that my origination is based on speculation and the stories my parents have told me. I mean I’ve never even been to Colorado except for my supposed birth but I don’t think birthplace necessarily matters, does it? It could have been the cornfields of Nebraska or the swamps of Louisiana. The point is I was born.

And now I live and breathe. I write daily which is both fulfilling and terrible at once. Even when I am completely wiped and the day has drawn everything from me, I still write. I write about what I think and what I feel and what has happened. I write about the random thoughts that pass between my ears and I wonder openly at the crazy world we live in.

Brandon Family

That’s us!

And I’ve found something amazing. By taking even a few moments to write each night, I find that everyday has something worth while in it. Sure, we all have crappy days that we wish would end, but even those days have value. Sometimes it’s just the feeling of a cool breeze on a hot day, the way your skin tingles and yearns for more. Sometimes, it’s that small feeling in your chest when someone smiles at you; I mean really smiles.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing: writing down my journey. I’m sure it’s not the most amazing story or the greatest writing there ever was, but it’s mine; it’s about me. I write about growing up as a preacher’s kid. I write about going to college and getting married and having 3 daughters. I write about work and living a life that is ever changing.

Hopefully, I’ll have something to present to you soon. Hopefully, you’ll take a little time and get to know me through my words. I can tell you that these words are pretty amazing. I can tell you that they make me think and make me wonder. But I can also tell you that I’m ready to share them. I’m ready to change the world, even if it’s just my world that’s changing.

So, I guess I’ll talk to you soon.


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  • jodi

    This is great! I remember your writings and your creativity….. Your whit and humor. Good for you son of a preacher man ;)…… Write on!—- Jodi (friend from past)

    • Brandon McGarrah

      Thanks Jodi! So good to hear from you. Do you write? I remember you wrote some awesome stuff. I still have one of your letters and it’s hilarious.

      • jodi

        Oh no, not a writer here. Oh gezz, I cant even imagine what it was. I like to read though. So finish your book so I can read it….I also like recommendations. We need to get Angie over to Oregon so we can have a reunion. We are back in Corvallis.

        • Brandon McGarrah

          I’m going to message you through FB