I have GREAT ideas. Visions, really. Dreams, plans, and ideals that would make you believe I am Da Vinci, Tolkien, Mother Theresa, and Steve Jobs jammed into one human being.


Looking to the future

But think about what would happen if you tried to cram these four people into the space of a human being. Not much would get done.

And so it goes.

I want to do EVERYTHING. I want to learn EVERYTHING. And because I do, I don’t accomplish even an infinitesimally small fraction of what I set out to do. Can I get an amen from someone out there?

I am learning (struggling to learn, really) about P-R-O-C-E-S-S. I love it, I believe in the idea of it. I think all human beings are in the process of becoming. I think THE UNIVERSE is perpetually in the process of becoming. But sometimes actions lag behind principles, you know what I’m saying?

With the help of my writing friends in the Flying M-Inklings (who have it WAAAAYY more together than I do when it comes to being organized and getting things done), I am trying to develop a pattern of writing. I am learning about sitting down and planning out TIME. TO. WRITE. If I can help others with that struggle, well, that’s great. We can do it together.

A bit about me beyond writing: I am married to Lisa, and we have two amazingly creative and wacky girls named Jessalyn and Adele. I am a pastor who specializes in challenging people’s beliefs in a respectful, safe way, a way that leads to deep conversations and (hopefully) life change. I believe questions are more important than answers, that mystery is beautiful, and nuance is something in short supply.

I guess they are calling me an Emeritus part of this group, since I am living in Clarkston, WA, now. All I know is I love this group, they have helped me in so many ways, and I look forward to continuing this relationship digitally and from afar!

I sometimes blog over at

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