The first story I ever wrote was about a bear. I think I was 10 at the time. I only remember two things about the story: It was about a mama bear and her cubs during the winter, and my mom kept telling me to revise with more detail.

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Imagining my next project

I owe my mom for encouraging (forcing) me to develop my writing talent.

I also owe my aunt, the English teacher. I don’t remember all of her advice, but two pieces shine through clear as day, even a decade later.

  1. Imagine what will happen next in the story before turning the page; it will enhance your imaginative ability.
  2. Pronounce your ‘r’! Otherwise it will look like a ‘v’. (Kids didn’t have laptops, much less cell phones, when I was younger; all of my writing happened on paper.)

I practically idolized Stephen King as a writer, and thought to follow in his footsteps with an English Teaching degree (gives you something to fall back on, he’d say). That lasted about a semester. I hated it, so I turned to journalism. I hated that, too, but it was the best move I could make. I learned to write clearly and I owe a friend named Charlotte for teaching me much of what I know.

Then I left journalism and studied interpersonal communication. It was the best move I could make, ’cause that’s all writing is — communication.

After college I freelanced for a bit and hated every minute of it. I love people, and couldn’t stand being home alone all day. After several job changes I landed in search marketing, which is perfect for me. I now lead a team of 15 search marketers at a growing startup in Boise, Idaho.¬†Learn more about my professional endeavors on LinkedIn.


As with any writer-kid, I grew up wanting to be part of a writer group. But I never had the network to put one together. When Daisy Rain (bio) put out the call on Facebook I knew I wanted in, even though I’d never met her in person. And I’ve never looked back.

During my time as a(n) M-Inkling I’ve launched my own site¬†where I write about how to live a better life (and other thoughts).

Structure is my speciality. I can take a piece in its entirety and tell you if it’s structured the best way — and if not I usually know how it needs to change. I generally give my feedback last, and so have earned the nickname “the caboose”. Of course, I give advice in lots of other ways, but I’m strongest with structure.

I’m married. She’s a photographer. We have one miniature poodle, Sophie. Pictures below.

You can always contact me at Place ‘Flying M-Inkling’ in the subject line so I know you’re not spam.

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