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We do much more than just write and critique together. As a group, we really believe in getting out, having a good time and being a force for good in our community. Below you’ll find events we either will be taking part in or have taken part in. If it’s an upcoming event (and open to the public) you’re welcome to join us. Just send us a message to let us know you’ll be there (

Events are in reverse-chronological order.

February 11th, 2015 – Mark Zusak

A beautiful, brilliant night. And a long one. The Flying M-Inklings: Daisy, Katie, Brandon, and Nic drove into Boise to see an event sponsored by The Cabin. Mark Zusak, author of The Book Thief, came to speak and sign books and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Obviously, Mr. Zusak provided an eloquent discussion about story telling and gave us insights as to his creative process. We all were handily smitten.

Of course, the fact that his wisdom flowed out of that gorgeous Australian accent certainly didn’t hurt. Not at all.

We sat near the front in the auditorium, but we were last in line to meet him, which made for a marathon evening. Here’s us at the beginning of the wait:

Happily Waiting

Here’s the line we were standing in… can anyone see the front?

The Line

And here is us three hours later:


Finally, well past midnight, we saw the light (and by “light” I mean the MAN!) at the end of the tunnel. Knowing Daisy’s propensity for being long-winded, Nic admonished her, “Daisy Rain! You can NOT talk his ear off! Say, ‘hello’, say ‘thank you’, say ‘I love you’, and say, ‘GOODBYE!’

You know she didn’t, right?

Here’s Brandon and Katie getting their books signed:

Brandon Katie

And here’s Daisy telling Mark hello, thank you, I love you, and good night. (He was really tired, apparently.)

Daisy Mark


And here’s the group. The picture is as fuzzy as we all were by then:

Mark & Minklings

January 17th, 2015 – Brandon’s Birthday Breakfast

40 sucks

 Yep. It’s the BIG 4-Uh-Oh for our Brandon (bio). As if kidnapping him on his big day and taking him to breakfast wasn’t enough, we made him wear the 40-glasses and beard in a public restaurant. We were among friends, though, down at Nampa’s own Blue Sky Cafe.

Some fun facts about Brandon:

     ~ He wrote every single day of his 38th year. Every. Single. Day.

     ~ He sees the number 117 at least once a day.

     ~ He could quite possibly be the next of us to be published.



January 10th, 2015 – Scholastic Writing Contest

Nic (bio) is our M-Inkling who is not only one of the finest teachers in the industry of education, he is one of the biggest advocates for young writers. We are so, so proud of the work he does with Scholastic – and he is lighting a fire under the rest of us!

jurying Scholastic


He hosts a few nights throughout the year for students to come and have their work critiqued before submitting to the contest – at the Flying M Coffee Shop, of course – and Daisy (bio) has helped him out a few times with that. The writing that these young people produce is nothing short of amazing. It is inspiring to know without a doubt that these kids have bright futures in the literary world.

Scholastic LogoThis Saturday, the M-Inklings are all judging student essays at the public library in Boise. Young writers from all across the Treasure Valley have worked diligently on their pieces and have submitted them for review.

Together with several other judges, students are awarded ratings of Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mention. These awards translate to college scholarships for these young writers, and we M-Inklings are all about education!

We will do whatever we can to promote, foster, encourage, and reward kids who write! What a privilege it is for us to invest in young people in this way!

January 6th, 2015 – The Flying M-Inklings Launch a Website!

Since the Flying M-Inklings has become an entity all its own and truly greater than the sum of the seven writers involved, it only makes sense that it should join the rest of the globe and have a website, too! Each M-Inkling contributed text and Colby, in his infinite tech-wisdom – with Shannon’s sage advice – put together the nuts and bolts of it.

Give us a Follow and subscribe, especially if you are an aspiring writer yourself, if you enjoy reading good blogs, or if you simply have an appreciation for crazy people with vivid imaginations who believe that there are no limits to what can be accomplished with a little synergy and caffeine.

November 1st – 30th, 2014 – NaNoWriMo Flying M-Inklings’ “Write-In”

November is National Novel Writing Month, and the Flying M-Inklings wanted to open our group up to all writers in the Treasure Valley to join us at the Flying M Coffee Shop for three solid hours of writing for all four Saturdays in the month of November.

What a blast!

It seems that every genre of writing was represented, and we got to meet some great people. There is no limit to people’s imaginations, and it was exciting for us to see what other authors in our area were working on.

Even though some of us write non-fiction, we still worked hard to write 50,000 words in thirty days, which is the NaNoWriMo challenge. Colby (bio) was our NaNo winner, who finished his 50,000th word the last Saturday while he was sitting at our table.

Thank you to everyone who came out to write with us! See you next year!

Friends who joined us!

Friends who joined us!

October 2nd-5th, 2014 – Our 1st Annual Writers’ Retreat

Brandon (bio) is our M-Inkling who usually comes up with our best ideas – our Imagineer. When he suggested a writing getaway in the mountains of Donnelly, Idaho, we jumped at the chance.

For four glorious days (and three very short nights) we wrote, we ate, we did readings, we ate, we went on walks, we ate some more, we laughed, we critiqued each other’s work, and most importantly, we celebrated each one of our contributions to the literary world we all love so much.


Look at that cabin!

Brandon found the fabulous mansion/cabin and took care of reserving it. He was also in charge of the apple-tinis. Colby handled all the finances and made the best fires in the fireplace.

Daisy and Katie (bio) were in charge of the menu and the cooking. (Food is our love language.) Shannon (bio) did what Shannon does best: she brought the party favors and celebrated each and every victory. (We do love to give ourselves great, big, “TA-DAAAA’s”!)

We missed having our Cody (bio) there, but we will kidnap him next year if we have to. Our Nic was able to be there with us for only the first night. His work with Scholastic took him to Portland that same weekend, but we enjoyed his amazing energy while he was with us.

The M-Inklings highly recommend for any writing group to put a retreat together and go. Your projects, dreams, and goals will suddenly grow legs and take on a life all their own. We are anxiously anticipating seeing all of our ideas become reality in the very near future – ideas that were born in this one weekend.

Candy cigs while writing at the cabin.

Candy cigs while writing at the cabin.

September 6th, 2014 – Our One-Year Anniversary

As if any of us need more evidence that ideas become things… More than a year ago, only the idea of having a writers’ group existed. This day marked the one-year anniversary of the Flying M-Inklings, a talented and slightly crazy collection (or is that crazy and slightly talented?) of seven people who just can’t keep from putting their thoughts to paper.

In one year, we have grown as writers, yes, but we have also created an entirely new entity: us. Our projects have become more defined and developed, just as we have been. Together we have become greater than the sum of our parts as we write, laugh, edit, challenge, and love each other.

We celebrated at our beloved Flying M Coffee Garage with champagne (don’t tell the management – we sneaked it in and disguised it with their amazing fresh squeezed orange juice) to mark this momentous accomplishment.

Here’s to many more years and literary accomplishments together!

One Year Anniversary

Hats off to you and yours!

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